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Whole Life Cost / Whole Life Value

Phase 2


Whole Life Costing / Value Workshop

Presented by: Malcolm Horner, Mohamed El-Haram

Whole Life Consultants Ltd

  • Outputs of first workshop
  • Review of WLC/WLV
  • Challenges to WLC/WLV
  • Advanced concepts

Phase 1

Q & A Summary

Getting the Biggest Bang for Our Buck

Presented by: Phil Oxley

Head of Efficiency & Value Management, HS2 Ltd.

  • Our opening presentation; sets the scene for the RSG Best Practice Programme
  • The importance of Whole Life modelling for HS2 in the public sector
  • Whole Life Cost / Value principles and the project life-cycle
  • Identifying opportunities

Delivering Whole Life Value & Whole Life Costing

Presented by: Andrew Green

Technical Director of Whole Life Cycle Costing & Asset Information Modelling – Atkins

  • Delivering projects using Whole Life Value modelling from the Tier 1 Contractor’s perspective
  • What Value For Money means to different people
  • Combining Whole Life Cost, Whole Life value and Value For Money
  • Decision criteria and the appraisal process
  • Practical experience and the National Bridge Case Study

Driving Industry Change – Pursuing Greater Value Through Industry Collaboration & Commercial Capability

Presented by: Stephen Blakey

Commercial Projects Director, Network Rail

  • The considerations for WLC / WLV for Network Rail Infrastructure Projects
  • Relevance to the GRIP stages
  • Methods of delivery and measurement