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Lean Manufacturing

Phase 2

Summary of Outputs from Lean Phase 2 Working Group

Lean Manufacturing

Presented by: Dr. Steven Ward

  • Lean considerations with particular reference to the Construction sector, as portable principlesĀ for rail


Driving Competitive Advantage for Bottom Line Benefit

Presented by: Andy Spence, SMMT Industry Forum

Lean Intervention

Presented by: Craig Done

Phase 1

Q & A Summary

Lean at Alstom

Presented by: Alstom

  • Information on the Alstom Production System (APSYS)
  • APSYS tools and concepts
  • People development within lean manufacturing

SMMT Lean Manufacturing

Presented by: Dr. Chris Owen, CEO

SMMT Industry Forum

  • How lean manufacturing can increase the competitiveness of a businesses
  • What is lean and why do companies do it?

Lean Adoption

Presented by: Steve Boam, Group MD

KM&T Group

  • The strategy and history of lean manufacturing
  • Toyota case study
  • Integration of lean manufacturing