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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Phase 2

discussions & outputs from workgroups summary

BIM Introduction & Phase 1 Review

Presented by: Martin Little

Commercial Director, Rail Alliance

  • Summary of key points from previous Phase 1 discussion; challenges and benefits¬†identified


BIM and Asset Information Modelling for Government Funded Infrastructure Projects

Presented by: Mark Morris

Asset Management Director, HS2 Ltd.

  • BIM and HS2 Objectives and Timeline
  • Asset Management Benefits to HS2
  • BIM Upskilling Platform


Phase 1

Q & A Summary

What does BIM mean for HS2?

Presented by: Sonia Zahiroddiny

BIM Strategy Manager, HS2

  • HS2 route statistics and information
  • The BIM vision within HS2
  • BIM benefit mapping
  • Building our capability and our current position

Delivering Projects In a BIM Enabled way

Presented by: Dr Nevil Shetty


  • The key principals and benefits of BIM
  • The BIM standards
  • Functions of BIM including examples

The Mabey BIM Journey

Presented by: Mabey Group

  • The journey and challenges of BIM
  • Examples of BIM in industry
  • Embedding and utilisation of BIM

Supply Chain Considerations

Presented by: David Emery

Virtechs Ltd.

  • External and internal drivers for BIM
  • Barriers to BIM
  • Examples of BIM in industry

Practical BIM Adoption for the SME

Presented by: Alan Baikie

BIMobject / BIM4M2

  • Informal and structured BIM content
  • Lifecycle data within BIM
  • The stages of lifecycle data
  • Information for a SME product manufacturer or SME system designer